Cataracts and Coriolis

A RIVER'S CATARACT is an enlivening tributary, manmade or natural. Wild versions exhibit a hypnotizing display of invigorating rapids plus tortuous waterfalls, repeatedly fragmenting into a myriad of criss-crossy raceways. Routes cascade from boulder-to-ledge, over balconies, pouring down eons of strata in a way that's chaotic, exhilarating, and relaxing all at once. In unison, river and canyon … Continue reading Cataracts and Coriolis



Three years after my dad passed, I woke from an intense dream. Like a transcribed cable from an Army field radio, the message was broken, concise, rhythmic, commanding. "Your dad's alive. Stop. He's on secret assignment in Japan. Stop. You can't contact him, and we can't tell you his exact location or mission. Stop. He's … Continue reading Telegraph