ancient phone

Telephonica Angelica

Three years after my dad passed, I woke from an intense dream. Like a transcribed cable from an Army field radio, the message was broken, concise, rhythmic, commanding.

“Your dad’s alive. Stop. He’s on secret assignment in Japan. Stop. You can’t contact him, and we can’t tell you his exact location or mission. Stop. He’s safe, and his work is important for the general advantage. You might see him in two years, or never. End.”

Reassuring at first, despair hit a new low as reality crept in. That’s it!? Twenty years later I met a church friend born in Japanese-American concentration camps during WWII, and a Presbyterian Missionary who spent 35 years teaching English in Okinawa. The simple act of meeting those two helped me realize that old dream might be true actually, in a more abstract way than I’d considered before.

“Bring my letters.” – 2 Tim 4:13

Acoustic: Transistor Radio
Artist: Cloud Cult, Unplug (2014)


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