Living Stones

THEY FELT CONNECTED when they opened letters from the youngest. The world was in disarray then, and mail call summoned welcome respite. Holly was shoring up the Remagen Bridge across the Rhine. Burke was on a cruiser bombarding Nazi outposts in the Mediterranean. Their teacher, once left for dead, purified water in New Guinea. The quiet Presbyterian kid was grading an airfield in Saipan. They dispersed to grad school when the dust settled and eventually answered the irresistible coo of the Willamette. His words were a binding stabilizer, and the recipe for concrete’s still the same too.

Jim continued to write, and his Little Yellow Book of proverbs is now issued to every new employee in what became one of the world’s largest engineering firms. “We’re obscure because we aim to make our clients look good,” an Owl once told us. Though Jim passed in 2008, his compiled trove of “wisdom from experience” continues to set foundational values and crosswind trajectory three clicks leeward.

“as one under authority” – Luke 7:8

Acoustic: I Will Follow
Artist: U2, Boy (1980)


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