Skia to Sóma


numa butterfly

TWICE A DAY our shadow skitters the space-time continuum in drawn-out fashion at dawn and dusk.

  • In the wee hours it protracts the sun’s path west
  • Near twilight recalling it’s unhurried eastern approach

A lingering afterthought by late morning, our apparition reintegrates midday, hints axially (toward Polaris north, or the Southern Cross below the equator), then doubles-back swift like a homing pigeon. Use it to plan an east-to-west traverse and high-noon marks two intersecting lines of activity, though our land-based standard just appeared to vaporize!

There’s little choice but to pause, recall a forward-looking waypoint from earlier on, and persevere that route hoping for more insight. Is this temporary? How long do we have to push through this scorching heat blind? Any morsel Lord, “show us the way!” 

Soon enough, we realize the sun metes our avenue now. Previously trailing us, it’s flipped places with our shadow. Turn, turn, earth to sky.

  • We followed an external bearing starting out
  • From here we continue that way, plus wait, listen, collaborate, and deduce more inconspicuous and introspective cues

This embodies the role of lighthouse and Trail Guide altogether fulfilling the shadowy framework from before. It’s everywhere (even the long way ’round)! Marching into the sunset we help mark the eastern approach for others too, “look there, that’s dad’s shadow up ahead, follow the silhouette.”

“substance” – Col 2:17

Acoustic: State of the Nation
Artist: New Order, Substance (1987)

“The very substance of the ambitious
is merely the shadow of a dream.” – William Shakespeare



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