Halas to Helios

3,000 YEARS AGO the sun passed through the constellation Libra during the Autumnal Equinox, the day when light and dark hours are equal, which marks the 1st day of fall. Skies have shifted since then, so the sun passes through Libra halfway between autumn and winter now, on the cross-quarter day. Some fun facts about Libra, Libra … Continue reading Halas to Helios


Sounds of Wind

Monday was World Mental Health Day. To observe, the royal couple joined an intimate gathering of first-responders, medical personnel, and military veterans at the London Eye on the South Bank of the River Thames. One of the photos distinguished itself from the other as particularly enchanting, Princess Catherine approaches their welcome committee, little Joanne, who's a student at Liveability's Victoria Education … Continue reading Sounds of Wind