Wild Deer Apparition

We fixed a lamp
unto the gabe
la prima lieu
nor’ bowers cord.

Va rivoir ma
shewed to launch
afield point cross
er’ rosin fyore.

Din de foggy
maunder break’da
neu sa’glohm –
thym isador.

::: otra ves :::

When we were old enough
Ma had us climb that gable
to fix an old lantern –
LED style, powered by the sun.

Not always, just
the new moon
of the archer’s chord,
for three nights.

When we left, she promised
to launch a field point that way –
covered in pine resin – in case
the myst is ever low.

“What did you expect to find?” – Matthew 11:7

The Animals
by Josephine Jacobsen, In the Crevice of Time (1995)

At night, alone, the animals came and shone.
The darkness whirled but silent shone the animals:
The lion the man the calf the eagle saying
Sanctus which was and is and is to come.

The sleeper watched the people at the waterless wilderness’ edge;
The wilderness was made of granite, of thorn, of death,
It was the goat which lightened the people praying.
The goat went out with sin on its sunken head.

On the sleeper’s midnight and the smaller after hours
From above below elsewhere there shone the animals
Through the circular dark; the cock appeared in light
Crying three times, for tears for tears for tears.

High in the frozen tree the sparrow sat. At three o’clock
The luminous thunder of its fall fractured the earth.
The somber serpent looped its coils to write
In scales the slow snake-music of the red ripe globe.

To the sleeper, alone, the animals came and shone,
The darkness whirled but silent shone the animals.
Just before dawn the dove flew out of the dark
Flying with green in her beak; the dove also had come.

Title: Baby I Love Your Way
Artist: Big Mountain, Unity (1994)

“As fascinating as a message from outer space would be a message from the inner space of a great blue heron or a common house cat sunning herself on the kitchen linoleum. Their mute gaze suggests a vision of reality beyond our imagining. What do they see in their ignorance that we in our wisdom are mostly blind to?” – Frederic Buechner, Peculiar Treasures and later in Beyond Words


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