A sticky note on my monitor says
∗ ipconfig jan 13∗
meaning the internet went out
two-and-a-half weeks ago.

Since then I
folded a year’s worth of laundry
reorganized the walk-in
the garage, and installed a shop light
(that old fluorescent from the kitchen).

I rode my bike to the library 9X too
plus the hardware store
and the market for groceries –
75 miles total, 46F on the coldest, not too shabby.

It’s chilliest on the bridges
where we start climbing now,
as I imagine grandpa
riding his fixed-gear
37 miles one way, farm to college.

It’s embarrassing to blot perspiration
from my forehead as I read and write in the stacks,
but soon I’m drinking coffee from a thermos on the patio –
bills paid, job board check, note to aunt, listo!

Pedaling home, I hear grandad’s mom
concentrating at her treadle sewing machine.
That’s why I bought paint thinner actually
when I needed brass nails.
The Singer’s nearly restored.

Then I got curious
and hotwired the coax
straight to the desktop yesterday.
Seems big bro decided
my router was obsolete.

Back online simple as that.

“the lampstand” – Matt 5:15

Acoustic: Renegades
Artist: X Ambassadors, VHS (2015)

“A stitch in time saves nine” – Saxon proverb


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