When I emerged from my young-adult cocoon, I ambled my way back into my old childhood church. The precursors that took me there are another story completely, so the point here is, our Senior Pastor was on study leave in Scotland that week, and our retired Parish Associate was preaching a multi-week series on Evangelism … Continue reading Aleph


Wayfaring Ocelot

Ivy from rural York, adorned in genuine bliss, like Hobbes realized the tuning fork of wayland’s enduring promise. It works most every time! chanted her whimsical muse. Then transformed jest to glow sublime with coy unequivocal news. A mystical surprise, witnessing marvelous ways, the Lord might hatch sage mesmerize vie resonant breath-making phrase. She spoke! “What does this mean?” – Acts 2:12 Acoustic: … Continue reading Wayfaring Ocelot